About Ganpati Group


Although the Ganpati Group was found its roots of inception in the year 1950s by Shri Lala Prem Chand Gupta and then promoted by Late Shri J.P. Gupta. The present chief and most influential promoters of the Group are:

Shri Ajay Gupta: A subservient son of Shri J P Gupta, aged 56 years, he is the Executive Chairman of the Group. A graduate degree holder in Business Administration from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, he is the leading light of the company. With his intensive experience in the Real Estate Industry and Construction business he has always been there to keep a watchful eye on the way the Generation X accepts the responsibility.
Shri Pardeep Gupta: He is the Managing director of the Group who could be given a glorious title of being the mentor of the first generation people. Despite of his age of around 53 years, he is full of passion and fortitude of younger minds of current generation. Owing to his in-depth knowledge of the industry he has limited himself to the areas that fall under the category of Oil and Legal work. The Oil Stations and all the legal activities/ details are taken care of by nobody but honourable Sh Pardeep Gupta.
Mr Abhishek Gupta: Aged 31, he is the head of Construction Activities and Future and Up Coming Projects at Ganpati Group. A post graduate in Business Administration from the university of London he is recognised as one amongst the league of premium Real Estate Developers in India. With his zest to bring success to the Group, he has been taking on additional responsibilities and roles from time to time.
Mr Ankur Gupta:Mr Ankur holds a graduate degree in Marketing from one of the reputed Universities in India the Amity International. Since the time he joined the company, he has been taking active participation in all the matters of our Oil Stations and the Customer Relations with complete dedication. His foresight and vision have been consistently contributing to the establishment of the benchmarks within the Group.