About Ganpati Group

Corporate Governance

Value: : The Ganpati Group is committed to honour, trust, admiration and brilliance in our relationship with all clients, companies, communities and employees through headship at all levels.

Legal Compliance:: All the decisions made by or the actions taken by the Group are in compliance with the current applicable laws and regulations and necessities that govern the industries.

Operating Practices:Our motto is to maintain integrity within our business transactions with both our clients and associate companies.

Safeguards: Our prime concern is to keep intact the monetary, tangible and intellectual property assets of the Ganpati Group whilst ensuring that all the financial details are up to the date, precise and reflects none but actual transactions.

Corporate Culture: At the Group we strive to maintain a culture that cultivates equal but diversified, innovative opportunities for every employee, realtor and the sub-contractors alike a cultural background where every single entity is given the same regard.